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Exclusive LVIDS Music Artist’s Lyric Video Interviews

Brad Dassey interview

What was the inspiration behind the audio style for your music?  brad-dassey_lvids

The inspiration behind my audio style for my music just basically comes from unique sounds. I love anything unique and that someone hasn’t already chosen for a sound.  There are millions of synth sounds out there, so I try to find something that fits with having that obsessive, “I gotta listen to this again and again”-type sound.

Tell us more about yourself. Where you are currently, music-wise? 

Right now, I’m a solo artist.  I’ve been composing and mixing music since I was 15.  I’m going on 33 now and I absolutely love music.  There’s not one day that goes by that I’m not humming a tune or beatboxing with my mouth, lol.  I hope to continue to create moving music that motivates and inspires the World.

Music-wise, right now I’m busting butt trying to keep my bills paid and food on the table.  Music is here and there for me whenever I find time, which is really not much time at all.

If you could play anywhere, what is your dream audience?

Hopefully one day I’ll be up on stage [playing like] Eminem or Jay Z.  I hope to really meet Eminem someday as well as Timbaland. Those are two of my all-time Fav influences. As far as Christian Rap and Hip Hop goes, TobyMac would be my biggest influence.

If I could play anywhere in the world, I guess I would really like to be on a huge stage in front of thousands of people who truly know my music and really jam, rock out and just enjoy the atmosphere.  I have had dreams of that day and hopefully someday it’ll be coming…Some of my songs really give off this awesome vibe that anyone can groove to and it’s great to see the audience engaged in such positivity.

How are you looking to build your brand?

I’m really hoping for a breakthrough with this music thing because it’s what I have most passion for and I really want to use it to better the world in many ways through positive sounds and lyrics that uplift this generation.  I really can’t do it without the cooperation and sharing of fans and people who come across my music at

As far as any new music or coming out…I have loads of beats waiting to be finished, lyrics to be written, and whatnot.  I just need to find the time and get back into my groove again. “A project started is never a project wasted no matter how long it takes to complete.”

It’s tough work, but one day soon, hopefully I’ll meet the right connections who see the passion and talent behind the keys and seriously help me push through this wall and find success in the music industry.

See Brad Dassey’s – They Didn’t Do It Lyric Video below!

(Interview edited for space and clarity) Written & Interviewed by: Thomas Myers


Melanie Ungar interview

Please tell us more about yourself

I’m a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Toronto. I create pop-country music, and I began writing songs when I was just a toddler. I started playing piano when I was young, and taught myself the guitar at the age of 13/14 so I could start songwriting, and I haven’t put it down since! I really love how fun pop music is, but the honesty and emotion [of] country music is what draws me to it, so I enjoy blending the two genres together. I have an E.P. out called “What Is Love” with songs I wrote and started recording back in 2011.

Where you are currently, music-wise? 

I am still within the same genre, but trying to branch out and learn piano again. I think that will push me musically, and in my songwriting.

Please tell us something special about your song “What Is Love.”

– The song has some The Wizard of Oz inspirations! If you listen to the song knowing this, you’ll realize that I put “red heels” in for a reason, and the bridge is inspired by the scene when Dorothy has to tap her heels to go back to Kansas.  I wanted to create the imagery of tapping your heels to get someone out of your life, and the movie inspired that idea. If only it was that easy!

What was the inspiration behind the audio style?

– I went into the studio with the idea of it being very guitar driven, but also having a drum beat in the foreground, especially in the bridge. It really came alive when I started recording the song, and my producer came up with the beginning intro that has some audio effects vocally and musically. I wanted it to be country, but still have pop influences.

If you could play anywhere, what is your dream audience?

The Ellen Show – I love her.

And lastly, any new songs or albums coming out? 

I am hoping to record a song I wrote last year called “What I Should’ve Said”. I performed it live last year, and people really enjoyed it. I’ve updated it lyrically a little bit since then, but it’s on Youtube! I think this song is the route I wanted to move in musically. It’s still country-pop, but really reflective of me and my emotional process.

See Melanie Ungar’s – What Is Love Lyric Video below!

(Interview edited for space and clarity) Written & Interviewed by: Thomas Myers


Kellee Maize interview

Tell us more about yourself/band/group. 

Kellee Maize was born in central PA in the 1980’s. Her mom always says she was singing and dancing before she could talk and walk. She moved to Pittsburgh to go to college with a dream of making an impact on the world. While attending the University of Pittsburgh she began performing live with hip hop bands.

Kellee [now also] advises various start-up companies and speaks and writes about marketing, music, and entrepreneurship.

What was the inspiration behind the audio style for In Tune, one of the songs we did a Lyric Video for?

Kellee wanted In Tune to be a chill, cool love song with a sweet beat — the inspiration was for it to be a universally-enjoyed song!

Where you are currently, music-wise? Any new songs or albums coming out?

Kellee is in the studio working on her 7th album, to be released early 2017.

If you could play anywhere, what is your dream audience?

My dream audience is anywhere where people share in the messages of my songs with me while I’m onstage. Touching peoples’ souls is the name of the game for me, [it] doesn’t matter where I am.

See Kellee Maize’s – In Tune Lyric Video below!

(Interview edited for space and clarity) Written & Interviewed by: Thomas Myers